Value Added Services

We will represent your company in your next new lease transaction or renewal, and provide unique value-add services such as:

  • Situation Analysis/Strategic Planning
  • Market Analysis
  • Strategic Site Selection
  • Incentives Identification and Negotiation
  • Comparative Property and Financial Analysis
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Blend and Extend Lease Renewals


I. Define Requirements

Gather information about the client’s business goals to fully identify the specifics of the space need requirement.

II. Market Survey /Analysis

Based upon the client’s objectives and desires, we make an initial selection of properties using various resources such Loopnet, Xceligent, Co-star, broker networks, etc. We gather all pertinent economic information (ie: base rent, NNNs, Tenant Allowance, etc) for each property and present it in a market survey (link). If applicable, demographics, traffics counts, and lease/sales comps are presented at this time as well.

Example of Market Analysis:

  1. Tour Package *7mb
  2. Demographics from CCIM
  3. Market Survey (Keller, TX)
  4. Office Comps
  5. Traffic counts from Co-Star or CCIM
  6. Lease & Sales Comps

III. Site Selection

Based on the initial market survey, the client selects a number of properties for a tour. One alternative to a tour is a slide presentation or video on the sites under consideration.

IV. Obtaining Proposals

Following the tour, the Tenant Representative requests proposals from the various owners. The requests specify our client’s objectives including, but not limited to: expansion capabilities, renewal options, improvement allowances, and other rental concessions. These proposals will establish a starting point for negotiations.

V. Comparative Analysis

With the proposals on hand, the Tenant Representative helps the client evaluate the non-economic and economic factors of each property.

VI. Creating Counter offers

The tenant representative drafts counter offers to each proposal which included clauses such as expense stops, exclusives, favorable assignment language, etc, that will protect the tenant and its business. Economic factors are aggressively negotiated based on market conditions and tenant’s knowledge of the current deals. This process can repeat itself several times until mutually agreeable terms are reached.

VII. Construction Process

The tenant representative will recommend contractors and architects through our comprehensive real estate relationship network. Tenant Representative will work with Tenant and Contractor/Architect as a liaison to facilitate the construction process.

VIII. Legal Review

Even with corporate counsel involved, the tenant representative remains active throughout lease and/or purchase negotiations to facilitate the process. Some of the items subject to legal review include and are not limited to the following: indemnification, insurance, environmental, assignment and subletting, options, hold over provisions, nondisturbance agreement, and special stipulations.

IX. Following Up

After the client has moved in and occupies the space, the tenant representative still maintains contact to discuss questions –relating to renewal options, expansion needs and general conditions in the marketplace. Tenant Real Estate Advisors views the opportunity of serving the client in a real estate transaction as an ongoing service.

From renegotiating existing leaseholds, to analyzing the full range of relocation options Tenant Real Estate Advisors will bring to bear unparalleled market knowledge and economic analysis. Furthermore, we hope that our relationship and continued service will enable Tenant Real Estate Advisors to help with any future real estate requirements.